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Legal Appointments From your Mobile Device, Tablet or Laptop!

We are not sure if you have heard, but Northam Family Lawyers for the past month has been road testing client appointments, legal advice appointments, and other client/lawyer appointments via the FANTASTIC app, ZOOM.

Initially the plan was to have an option in place for client's who were unable to drive all the way into Northam from out reaching towns. However, it has now morphed into a great new option that is available to all clients.

Check out this brief vid to see more;

How does it work?

1. You contact our office by telephone or email to request a regular booking.

2. Our office will then email or SMS to you a link. The link is scheduled to the agreed booking time.

3. You download the free app.

4. Just before the agreed meeting time, you click on the link and follow the prompts to join the meets.

What's the cost of using Zoom?

It's free to use Zoom. Zero. Zilch. Zippo. It's just the cost of your data, which would no different to using Facebook facetime.

The regular legal fees apply that would ordinarily be charged for face-to-face appointments. Please just ask about our fees at the time of booking an appointment.

What can you expect?

We can do a live face-to-face video conference, or we can do just an audio. We are able to pull up documents for us both to read over and discuss at the same time. It is very much like a regular face to face meeting.

What will you need?

All you need is any device capable of being connected to wifi, and that has a camera, mic and sound. So... most smart phones, laptops, tablets, or a PC or a tricked out Xbox.

What kind of reception do you need?

We have now held meetings from Northam to Kellerberrin, to Boulder, to Melbourne, to Nedlands to name a few. We are glad to report that all appointments have been seamless.

If you or anyone you know needs legal advice please call 9621 1073 or email to book an appointment.

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