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Family Dispute Resolution ("FDR").

Separation and divorce can often be an emotionally charged time for all involved.

Many disagreements between former couples are common and it can be best to allow time to settle things down before making decisions around property and finances.


However, some decisions, particularly around children, need to be made as soon as possible.

This is where family dispute resolutions can help.

What Is FDR?

Family Dispute Resolution or "FDR" is the legal term for services, such as family mediation, that helps couples affected by divorce or separation to sort out family disputes.


Its purpose is to help and you and your partner come to an agreement on a range of issues regarding money, property and any children you may have together.


Family Dispute Resolution is compulsory for separating families who have a dispute about children.


The couple must make a genuine effort to try to sort it out through FDR before filing an application for parenting orders in court.

Family Dispute Resolution may not be suitable in your situation. If you need legal advice, contact us to make an appointment, or contact Relationships Australia to speak to a Family Dispute Resolution provider.

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